Friday, March 13, 2009

Mahi Mahi - Ezra Pound Cake Styles

As a blogger, I feel like I have become a certain creature of habit. Always check my blog page once a week for comments and always check foodgawker at least 2x a day to see the new updates. This habit has been going on for the better part of 6 months now.
Also on foodgawker there are certain blogs I am always drwan to. One is Ezra Pound Cake which is where I stole (wohahha....evil laugh) this amazing recipe for bbq'd mahi mahi with a scrumptious yellow pepper pesto, (I think she adapted it a la southwest king Bobby Flay).

Being that it is March break time for the kids in the great white north. We have happily planted ourselves (my son and I and all other aquainted step-siblings and parentals) in the sunny state of Florida. Where my father has happily let us invade his GORGEOUS "retirement" home.(Thanks Dad!!).

Anyways back to the fish. This recipe is simple. It has a rub, fish and some homemade pesto. I served ours with some peas and rice, uber Carribbean I thought, and some prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Mmmmmmmm.


BBQ'd Mahi Mahi with Roasted Yellow Pepper Pesto:
(adapted from Ezra Pound Cake and Bobbly Flay)


3 Tbsp cumin
3 Tbsp Paprika
1 Tbsp Salt
1 Tbsp BBQ sauce
1 tsp Black Pepper
6 - 8 ounce fillets of Mahi Mahi, cleaned

2 Yellow peppers, roasted and peeled
1 c. fresh basil or cilantro leaves or both
2 - 3 Tbsp roasted pine nuts
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


Put all the pesto ingredients, except olive oil in a food processor.
Turn on and slowly start drizzling olive oil into processor tunnel until you have a smooth paste or something slightly looser.
Set aside.

Combine rub ingredients and set aside.

Heat BBQ to high heat.
Oil both sides of fish.
Add rub to one side ( if skin is still on the add to the flesh side)
Place flesh side down on grill.
Cook for 3 - 4 minutes, till crust forms.
Flip and continue to cook for 3 -4 mintues till fish is opaque and starts to flake slightly.
Remove from grill, and serve with pesto.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Magical 7 layer congo bars????

I first discovered these bars when I was about the age of 10, I think. There used to be this deli/bakery/gourmet food store where I lived. They had all the most amazing desserts imginable. My parents would take my sister and I there when we were youg. After I turned old enough to hang out with my friends alone, we would go there and try to be just as mature as the adults, sipping lattes and eating fancy cakes and pies.

Unfortunately, some good things end. This cafe was one of them. I don't know why because everything they served was really good, right down to the homemade lemonade.

The funny thing is, is that these bars never left my mind after all these years. I thought they were the genius idea of whatever pastry chef they were hiding behind the curtain, alas I was wrong. Oh well, that doesn't mean that they have lost any of the magical memory they bring me about a nostalgic piece of my childhood that I love to remember.

I have heard several names for these bars including, 7 layer bars, magic bars and congo bars. Whatever name you choose, delicious is pretty much the word that sums these up for me.

Any recipe that requires no beating, kneading, chilling, molding, whipping or folding of any kind and can produce plate licking results such as these are a winner in my book.

Magical 7 layer congo bars

2 c graham cracker crumbs

1/2 c unsalted butter, melted

1- 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk

3/4 c of semisweet chocolate chips*

3/4 c of butterscotch chips

1 c of sweetened dessicated coconut**

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Line an 8x8 square or 9 inch springform pan with parchment or pam.

Mix graham crackers and melted butter together and press them into a 8x8 square pan , or 9 inch springform pan.

Sprinkle chocolate chips, buterscotch chips and coconut on top.

Pour over condensed milk.

Bake for 20 - 25 minutes until slightly golden on top.

Cool for 15 minutes before removing from pan.

*Use semisweet or bittersweet chips here because these bars are super sweet.
**Use the drier dessicated coconut, even unsweetened is fine. Angel flake makes them too sweet.