Friday, July 25, 2008

Soo not used to this!

Ok so the funny thing about food blogging is that you can talk on just about anything!
Here's the deal. I always forget to that anything I make up for dinner or dessert out of my head or otherwise I can put on here. 3 weeks ago I made 2 keylime pies and didn't take a single picture. Then 2 Sunday's ago I made a Korean BBQ feast and a double layer ice cream pie...grrrr... and still NO pictures.
Someone remind me of what I'm doing here.
So I have decided to try and do 1 post a week on anything sweet or savoury and maybe eventually it will become habit and I won't be one of those people with a 1 a month post.

1 comment:

jessicajlee said...

I, at one time, managed to post weekly for about three months. Then I got a life.

Don't worry about it.