Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cinna-FUN! Rolls

Up until now I have never attempted anything that has to do with yeast.
There is always this fear will it work willit not wirk, will it rise will it lay flat like a pancake and suck. These are the things I ponder about which in turn deters me.

While browsing Foodgawker the other day I saw the picture to turn any yeast fearing pansy, into a brave and capable bread making machine!!

Mangio da Sola has the most exquisite recipe for cinnamon rolls. Also they are much less labour intensive then I would have imagined which I think is why I had so much fun making them. They also are the closest thing to "Cinnabon" rolls then I have tasted anywhere else. Apparently my 8 year old says that's a good thing.

I won't list the recipe, if you want it just click in the link to Magio da Sola. I altered the filling by adding:
2 tsp of cocoa powder
1/2 tsp of freshly grated nutmeg

Also I altered the icing by reducing the powdered sugar and adding maple syrup instead. You know us crazy Canadians we put that stuff on everything.

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Memória said...

Wow! Your "cinna-FUN" rolls look fantastic! I like the changes you made. That first photo reminds me of my photo haha. Thanks for posting back to me!