Monday, September 8, 2008

Katherine Hepburn Brownies

So I was sitting in my local bookstore the other day having a tea misto...mmmm...... and I ran across Dorie Greenspan's book "Baking: from my home to yours"
I have heard about this substantial baking book a million times which is often referred to as the "bible" by some other blogger's I read.
So I thought, "I wonder if the wonderful Ms. Greenspan has a recipe for brownies?"
Now, I am not a fan of brownies. I never have been. Which might make you think "why the heck did she go looking for a brownie recipe then?" But I like to think maybe I just haven't found the right recipe yet.
So I flipped to the brownie section and I came across this recipe. What drew me in was the name of course. Hepburn anything I think draws woman to the source. A wonderful set of stylish, sophisticated, talented women. Timeless, is my best description.
Also, the decription given about the recipe really grabbed me. Miss Katherine Hepburn only had 1 rule when it came to brownies: not to much flour.
"Ok" I said. Let's give this recipe a whirl!
Well let me tell you. Out came the yummiest brownies I had ever had! They didn't even have frosting.
Now I know I should be posting a recipe about...."HERE".....but I deleted it off my Blackberry :(
So if you like this recipe, stop in to your favourite book shop and buy the book. Or you can do the bad girl thing like I did and peruse over it while maybe typing the recipe into your Blackberry.
I'm getting the book for Christmas so PLEASE nobody hate me for copying this recipe out of it for right now.

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jessicajlee said...

Christmas is too far away. What cookbook will you buy ME for Christmas, huh?

These look amazing.