Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paris Dreams

You know those dreams you have that leave you refreshed and enlightened to lift you through your day? Well mine are always about food. Some have included a personal tasting menu at The French Laundry, a Pierre Herme Croissant with a cafe au lait in the streets of Paris, an eating tour of Italy, and finally Jamie Oliver...I think you get the point.
So when my mum was on her way to Paris last week, she asked me what I would like from the City of Lights. "Easy", I thought. Herb du Provence and Fleur de Sel. Simple, clean and something I have been told that needs to be in every good cooks pantry.
I also decided to give my mum a piece of my Paris fantasy and gave her web links to Pierre Herme and Fauchon before she left so she could feast on a Isaphan croissant or Fauchon's famous eclairs.
Tonight she brought over my gifts. Actually gifts is an understatement. In this present extravaganza are 4 different types of spice and salt rubs, Herbs du Provence, Fauchon Fleur de Sel, maybe a few smuggled morel mushrooms, and white truffle flavoured fleur de sel, which the salesman told my mum that are excellent on scrambled eggs.
I had to share this amazing culinary treat with all of you, because I know a whole bunch of you will appreciate where I'm coming from. I actually used some black truffles tonight (I forgot to mention those) in some yummy potato gratin.
So dream on culinary fanatics, dream on and dream big!

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